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When it comes to facials in Charlottesville, Richmond, or anywhere in Virginia, Neroli Med Spa and Beauty Lounge is the top choice for thousands of patients! Here, facials mean more than just some relaxing music and a cheap mask. Our doctors and aesthetic experts work hand in hand to empower everyone’s natural beauty with cutting-edge technology. 

At Neroli, we offer a truly unique, comprehensive experience for everyone. Here, we focus on helping patients feel as great as they look. So, if you’re ready to treat your skin right, we’re here to help. Get in touch to learn more from a specialist, or read our in-depth guide to learn about your top facial options.

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Quality Care

Under our roof, medical minds meet spa-like pampering. While some of our options are more involved than your typical spa day, we maintain an exceptionally high level of service for every treatment. With our medical expertise, we completely customize your facial in Charlottesville to meet your exact needs. Neroli breaks down our facial offerings into two key categories to exceed expectations. Here’s where med meets spa.

Medical Expertise

Our medical facials are designed to target and treat specific skin concerns beyond the surface level. Every medical facial is administered by a licensed aesthetician with clinical training from our doctors. This ensures the most impactful experience for every medical facial in our Charlottesville office. These are our top options.



One of the most popular medical facials in our Charlottesville office deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates skin. Every HydraFacial treatment is unique to every patient who enjoys them as well! With a wide array of boosters and 3 key components to mix and match, our highly trained staff achieves the best results. In less than an hour, you can enjoy brighter natural beauty and get right back to business!

How It Works

The first step uses the specialized HydraFacial tip to gently exfoliate the skin’s surface. This tip, paired with suction, removes dead skin cells and debris that can clog pores and dull the complexion. For the most complete exfoliation possible every HydraFacial also includes a light glycolic serum. By using physical and chemical exfoliation we work to remove dead skin cells and target specific concerns like wrinkles, fine lines, or uneven skin tone. Get an in-depth look at the full HydraFacial treatment with our related read!

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Our second favorite medical facial at Neroli is—hands down—our Glo2Facial! This medical-grade facial in Charlottesville is a three-step treatment designed to empower your overall skin health and appearance. Here’s what you can expect:


Three Steps to Glo


The Glo2Facial uses OxyPods that react with the proprietary Primer Gel to gently exfoliate the skin. This creates a bubbly, CO2-rich environment on the skin’s surface. This step gently removes dead skin cells and stimulates oxygenation. 

2. Nourishment

After exfoliation, the skin is receptive to beneficial ingredients. During this step, serums with antioxidants, vitamins, and other targeted ingredients are delivered to address specific concerns like dryness, wrinkles, or hyperpigmentation.

3. Detoxification

We perform a relaxing facial massage, incorporating lymphatic drainage techniques. Our blend of clinically potent formulas and skilled hands works to reduce puffiness and enhance the absorption of the applied serums.

Clinically speaking, this is one of the most effective yet gentle methods for deep, medical-grade facials in Charlottesville. This makes it very versatile for various skin types and conditions. Our motto for aftercare is the same for all clinical facial options. 

Clinical-Grade Beauty

Aftercare is essential for lasting results following a clinical-grade facial in our Charlottesville office. Every in-depth facial will include our in-house blends of boosters immediately following your treatment. But you’re always free to browse our expansive selection to maintain beautiful results at home!

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Spa Facials

Our spa facials may be relaxing, but don’t worry, they’re just as nourishing as our in-depth clinical facials. That’s because we combine our skilled hands with one of the best skincare brands in the world. Along with a relaxing massage focused around your unique concerns, we also elevate every spa facial in our Charlottesville office with Elemis.

Elemis is a popular British skincare brand dating back to 1990. Every formula is developed with a results-driven, holistic mindset by only using natural botanical extracts and scientific advancements. Elemis offers a wide range of skincare products for all skin types and concerns, including cleansers, moisturizers, serums, masks, and SPFs. Some of their most popular products include the Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm, the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, and the Superfood Facial Oil.


The Elements of Elemis at Neroli

We are so proud to carry such a well-respected name in skincare. Our founder, Suzanne Owen, even uses it in her daily routine! Ask most of our staff—these are the key reasons our professionals personally trust Elemis:

Focus on natural ingredients 

Elemis products are formulated with a blend of botanical extracts and naturally helpful vitamins and minerals. Nothing artificial goes into our faces! 

Flexible Solutions

Elemis offers a vast array of skincare products for all skin types and concerns. Whether it’s aching muscles or aging faces, Neroli has the solution for you.

Science-Backed Results

Elemis products are formulated with clinically proven ingredients to deliver true, lasting results. If you don’t believe our experts, just take a look at our before and after gallery!

Looking Is Always Free

IPL Photofacial

When you’re done looking at our transformational photos, get ready for another type of close-up with our IPL photofacial in Charlottesville! Intense pulsating light (IPL) technology harnesses the power of the visible light spectrum to provide rejuvenating benefits to the skin. Under the care of our highly trained specialists at Neroli Med Spa and Beauty Lounge, you can enjoy this relaxing, non-invasive therapy!

Each treatment typically takes up to an hour and requires no extensive aftercare. That means you can fit this facial in a Charlotte minute! We won’t tell your boss if you sneak in an extra-long lunch break to treat yourself to a refreshing facial.

LED Light Therapy

Whether it’s a simple massage using our specialty products or an in-depth clinical facial, Neroli recommends LED light therapy to improve healing and collagen production. Unlike those kooky sci-fi movies, light facials in Charlottesville are actually quite simple!


Our full-body LED bed uses a highly specialized spectrum of sustained red light to encourage deep, natural rejuvenation. Increased blood flow helps to relieve pain, relax sore muscles, and increase circulation that supports your natural internal processes. This treatment only takes a few minutes and is completely non-invasive. From transformative programs to one-off treats, Neroli is here to share the gift of better beauty with the world. 

Finding Your Facial With Us

Your ideal skin is just a call or click away. But before we get to the sales pitch, let’s go over how our specialists can help you get the best skin ever. Every treatment at Neroli Med Spa and Beauty Lounge begins with a quick chat. Here’s what you can expect from your consultation.


Talking Options

When we talk about facial options in Charlottesville, we understand the sweltering Virginia days and the icy winters that come with our little slice of heaven. In every season, we strive to give our patients the treatments that will prepare them for anything life has in store.

In our no-obligation chat, we’ll discuss the options that fit your lifestyle and goals. As we chart your path to better beauty, we’ll outline the required treatment times and frequency of follow-ups to fit your schedule. 


Hospitals aren’t the only ones who run on a tight ship, you know! Our practice is packed with beautiful faces, all needing different things. So, how do we provide the personalized service everyone deserves? It all comes down to the treatment plan.

Each of the facials we mentioned above typically takes less than an hour and requires minimal to no downtime. This is the mantra Neroli carries throughout all of our treatment offerings. By thoroughly understanding our treatments and our patients, everyone can benefit from a visit!

Following Up

At Neroli Med Spa and Beauty Lounge, there are no one-and-done treatment options. Starting in your initial consultation, we’ll outline how many follow-up appointments will be needed to achieve your ideal look and feel. As you progress through your treatments, we’ll offer additional options and discuss your long-term goals for overall beauty and wellness.

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Be Proud of Your Punim!

We’re excited to foster a community of education and support for every patient. So, whether you’re splurging on yourself or sharing the gift of beauty with someone else, our facials in Charlottesville are always a great way to feel confident in every selfie, group pic, or event! 

Be proud of your natural beauty by treating your skin right at Neroli Med Spa and Beauty Lounge. Schedule your consultation in just a few clicks, or start planning your treatment from the comfort of your couch.

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