frax laser in Charlottesville

Correct and Revitalize

Frax Laser

What is it?

A 1550 nm laser that delivers very small, controlled bursts of energy to rejuvenate the skin 

Pre-Care Needed

Avoid sun exposure and tanning products

  • Treatment Type


  • Consultation Required


  • Treatment Same Day As Consultation


  • Sessions Needed


  • Results Duration

    Indefinite with maintenance

  • Social Downtime


  • Total Recovery Time


Even out Your Skin Tone and Improve Your Complexion

Laser skin rejuvenation is a tried and true method for reversing signs of aging, reducing rosacea, and healing scars or other complexion issues. At Neroli Med Spa and Beauty Lounge, our highly trained laser specialists help many of our patients revitalize their appearance with our Frax laser in Charlottesville.

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What it Treats

Tired of wrinkly skin, sun damage, and discoloration?  Our Frax laser treatment can help improve your skin health.

The Frax Laser Process

What to Expect


Your Consultation

Before we schedule your treatment with the Frax laser in Charlottesville, you'll meet with one of our expert aestheticians for an in-depth consultation. During this time they will examine your skin, discuss your concerns, and develop a treatment plan to help you reach your aesthetic goals.


Your Treatment

Most patients will be scheduled for an initial series of 3 treatments to see the best results. Before beginning, your aesthetician will cleanse and prep your skin and provide you with protective eyewear. Then they will set the device based on your unique treatment needs. During treatment, your aesthetician will roll the laser across the skin to treat the area evenly. The whole treatment will take 30 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the treatment area.


Your Results

There's no required downtime after your laser skin treatment, however, you should avoid sun exposure for 30 days or use SPF to protect your skin. Your results are long-term and permanent but the aging process will continue, so be sure to take care of your skin with a regular medical-grade, skincare routine.

Your Results

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Benefits of the Frax Laser in Charlottesville

Treat Multiple Concerns At Once

Our technicians can use the Frax laser to treat a variety of skin concerns at the same time.

No Downtime

There's no required downtime after your treatment!

Long-Term Results

The results are long-term and permanent for removing scars and spots.

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