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Lose It With Semaglutide Near Richmond

Countless diets and days at the gym without seeing results can drive anyone crazy. Instead of losing your mind chasing your goals, we invite you to lose weight the right way! Neroli Med Spa & Beauty Lounge is here to help you lose weight and gain peace of mind.

With guidance from medical professionals and custom-tailored treatments, healthy, lasting weight loss has never been easier! If you’re ready to lose it, dive in to learn how we can build your path to weight loss with semaglutide near Richmond.

What You Have to Lose

For millions of people struggling to lose weight, their drive isn’t vanity. Many people struggle with stamina, health concerns, or just keeping up with their kids. Instead of focusing solely on the weight you have to lose, consider what you stand to gain!


How long has it been since you felt comfortable and confident in your own skin? For many of our patients, weight concerns severely affect their self-worth. Poor emotional health and depression perpetuate a dangerous cycle that is all too common. Eating because you’re unhappy and being unhappy because you eat can feel like a trap when you don’t have the right tools and guidance!

That’s why Neroli includes one-on-one counseling in every weight loss plan using semaglutide near Richmond. We’re proud to be a confidant to our patients as they go through this emotionally trying transformation. Medically assisted weight loss takes time and dedication, which is why we schedule regular check-ins throughout every weight loss journey.

Daily Habits

What does your agenda look like today? Even if you’re not blocking out time to spend with Chester Cheetah, daily habits greatly impact your weight. Unconscious eating and sedentary lifestyles are two of the classic causes of weight gain. But there is so much more to building healthy habits than joining a gym or cutting back on carbs.


To help build healthier habits, your Neroli specialist will discuss your daily routine in a private, one-on-one consultation. As we begin to understand your relationship with food and how active you are, we can make suggestions for healthier habits. Alongside our plans including semaglutide near Richmond, we’ll also recommend ways to tailor your diet and exercise for better results!

Your Health

What does your doctor say about your weight? Being overweight puts you at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and many other life-changing complications. Additional weight tied to your metabolism can even affect your hormone levels, causing imbalances that can lead to other serious conditions. Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial to a long, enjoyable life.

At Neroli, all of our patients undergo thorough screenings to fully understand how their weight is affecting their health. From your initial treatment to your latest follow up, we’ll use your data to maintain healthy weight loss and continuously tailor your plan. There’s a lot to gain by doing something about your weight, so here’s how to lose it with Neroli!

How to Lose It

It’s never been easier to get your hands on semaglutide near Richmond. But how can you ensure quality products and results? Instead of trusting sketchy sites and salespeople, leave your weight loss to the professionals at Neroli. Through our 6- to 12-week program, you’ll get real advice and results that can last.


It all starts with an in-depth consultation with our weight loss experts. Throughout your consultation, we’ll talk about your medical history and your weight loss goals. As we get to know each other, we’ll decide the right program for your unique needs. We’ll also measure key biomarkers that will help us track your progress throughout the program.


Every weight loss program at Neroli includes MIC alongside Semaglutide or Tirzepatide injections. For the initial 6 to 12 weeks, we’ll schedule in-office injections to ensure efficacy and track your progress. After your initial treatments, we recommend regular injections to maintain results. We provide pre-filled syringes with clear instructions as you transition to at-home injections.



Throughout your weight loss journey, you’ll always be able to connect with a Neroli specialist with any questions or concerns. We also recommend regular follow-ups after you complete your program. This gives you the face time you deserve as you experience the benefits of our Semaglutide near Richmond.

Additional Options

There’s a lot more to Neroli than just effective weight loss! As you reach your weight goals, we can help you tackle other concerns as well. We think everyone deserves to look as good as they feel. So, as you lose the weight, get the confidence boost you deserve with a professional facial, Botox, or any of our other amazing options!

The Science behind Losing

To lose weight and keep it off, our specialists trust the science supporting semaglutide near Richmond and other solutions we trust. At Neroli, we believe that everyone deserves to know what’s really going on throughout their treatment. That’s why we love to discuss the science behind the revolutionary innovations we offer!


Not everyone has heard of glucagon-like peptide receptor agonists (GLP-1). But millions have heard about the brands that use it! GLP-1 is a natural hormone produced in the gut that helps regulate blood sugar and appetite.


We use semaglutide near Richmond to mimic the effects of GLP-1. These injections target receptors throughout the body to regulate 3 natural processes controlled by hormones:

  1. Optimizing how your body releases insulin. Insulin is a key hormone that helps cells absorb sugar from the bloodstream. With healthier blood sugar levels, weight loss is safer and more effective for type 2 diabetic and pre-diabetic patients.
  2. Regulating the relationship between your brain and your stomach. Semaglutide targets the brain’s appetite centers to reduce feelings of hunger and help you feel fuller longer. With a healthy diet, you can decrease calorie intake and maximize weight loss.
  3. Slowing down how food moves through the stomach. By optimizing your internal processes, food moves more efficiently through digestion. This helps patients using semaglutide near Richmond feel more satisfied and eat fewer in-between meals.


Our medical weight loss programs can also use tirzepatide instead of semaglutide. While these injections sound similar, there are some key differences to be aware of:

  • Tirzepatide is a dual agonist. That means it targets both GLP-1 and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) receptors. GIP controls natural insulin release and fat metabolism. By regulating both insulin and metabolism, tirzepatide can be a safe option for anyone with additional imbalances or medications that affect their metabolism.
  • Tirzepatide efficiently optimizes blood sugar. While semaglutide also regulates blood sugar, tirzepatide takes things a step further by targeting the GIP receptors. By targeting these receptors, your body will naturally metabolize nutrients more efficiently.
  • You will need more frequent doses at a higher volume. Typical doses for tirzepatide can range from 5 to 20mg, whereas semaglutide doses are less than 1mg. You will also need 2 injections of tirzepatide per week, as opposed to once-weekly semaglutide injections.  Tirzepatide is one injection per week
  • Cost is also a major factor. Due to the current process required to create it, tirzepatide tends to be in shorter supply than semaglutide. This drives up the demand and the price per injection.  We price semaglutide and tirzepatide the same.

While tirzepatide and semaglutide have their pros and cons, both options are proven, healthy pathways to lose weight. At Neroli, your weight loss program can always be changed to meet your needs. In your consultation, we may start with one option, but as we monitor your progress, the other may prove to be a more effective option. That’s why you should always partner with a professional as you begin using any medical weight loss option.

MIC & More

At Neroli, we include MIC and vitamin B12 injections in every weight loss plan. This provides patients with steady energy as they use semaglutide near Richmond. As your body gets used to processing fewer nutrients at a faster rate, methionine, inositol, and choline help keep everything running smoothly.

This is why our follow-up appointments are so crucial. By recording updated charts every week, we can fine-tune your treatments for maximum results and minimal side effects. Following your initial 6- to 12-week program, you’ll only need to check in every few months. Some patients are on these meds for many weeks depending on their goals.  We suggest staying on our maintenance program once goals are reached to maintain results.


Maintenance and Support

To maintain your target weight, Neroli recommends joining our membership program. This gives you the best pricing possible on your injections, 1 regular visit a month, and pre-loaded syringes. This ensures you get the best experience at the lowest price possible. Your membership price will be determined by your specific needs. Get in touch with our weight loss specialists to learn more!

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Our members also enjoy the continuous connection they have with our specialists. As you see results, we’re happy to discuss additional treatments as well. We highly recommend CoolTone, rejuvenating facials, and laser hair removal to help you live a lighter, beautiful life!


Lose the Weight, Find Yourself

Every day, we see people at some of the toughest times in their lives. If you’re going crazy trying different weight loss trends and tactics, Neroli Med Spa & Beauty Lounge is here to help you lose weight, not your mind. Schedule an appointment to talk to our weight loss specialists about semaglutide in our office near Richmond.

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