aromatherapy in Charlottesville

Unwind and Breathe Easier


What is it?

The use of particular scents and essential oils to reinvigorate the body and mind


12 Signature Oils

  • Treatment Type


  • Consultation Required


  • Treatment Same Day As Consultation


  • Sessions Needed

    As Needed

  • Treatment Time

    50 or 80 minutes

  • Social Downtime


  • Total Recovery Time


Tailor-Made Zen

If you’ve been feeling the effects of stress, tension, or a busy lifestyle, you deserve the quiet relaxation of aromatherapy in Charlottesville. At Neroli Med Spa & Beauty Lounge we provide our patients with an oasis away from their everyday lives with aromatherapy featuring our signature scents and relaxing massage techniques curated for your emotional and physical needs.

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What it Treats

Aromatherapy treats your body and your mind alike. It can reduce stress, relax your muscles, and rehydrate dry skin.

The Aromatherapy Process

What to Expect


Your Consultation

As with any of our treatments, aromatherapy in Charlottesville will begin with a consultation with one of our staff. During this conversation, we'll get to know you and discuss how aromatherapy can best benefit you. If you're seeking pain relief, we'll talk in-depth about the areas you're experiencing tension in and discuss massage techniques to be used.


Your Treatment

We offer aromatherapy appointments in 50- and 80-minute sessions. When you visit Neroli Med Spa & Beauty Lounge, you'll be shown to one of our luxurious treatment rooms where you can sit back and relax during your session. If you're receiving a massage, your massage therapist will exit the room to allow you to undress to your comfort level before returning for your massage.


Your Results

You'll leave your aromatherapy session feeling relaxed and invigorated. We always recommend drinking plenty of water and avoiding strenuous activity for the rest of the day, just enjoy the benefits of your aromatherapy in Charlottesville. There is no required downtime, however, and you're free to return to your normal activities!

Your Results

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Benefits of Aromatherapy in Charlottesville

Personalized Treatment

Your massage experience is tailored to your needs.

Relieve Stress

Massage relaxes away pain and anxiety.

Enhance Wellness

Improve circulation, boost your mood, and increase energy.

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