Aquagold Facial in Charlottesville

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What is it?

A micro-channel facial that injects small amounts of active ingredients to treat many common skin concerns

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  • Treatment Type

    Medical Facial

  • Consultation Required


  • Treatment Same Day As Consultation


  • Sessions Needed

    As Needed

  • Results Duration

    Up to 6 months

  • Social Downtime


  • Total Recovery Time


Allow Your Skin to Experience Luxury

Promote a healthy, glowing complexion with an Aquagold facial in Charlottesville. The micro-thin gold-plated needles deliver customized, active ingredients directly into your skin. At Neroli Med Spa and Beauty Lounge, our aestheticians use this treatment to help our patients achieve revitalized, youthful skin.

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What it Treats

The AquaGold facial can treat several different conditions, leaving your skin with a stronger, healthier appearance.  Take a look at our skincare diagram and see how you could benefit from an AquaGold treatment.

The Aquagold Facial Process

What to Expect


Your Consultation

Before receiving your Aquagold facial in Charlottesville, you'll meet with one of our providers for a brief but in-depth consultation. During this time, they'll examine your skin, discuss your concerns, and create a customized formula for your facial. Typically we consult and treat on the same day for Aquagold facials.


Your Treatment

After cleansing and prepping your skin, your provider will fill the Aquagold device with the active ingredients chosen to address your concerns. These can include hyaluronic neurotoxins, and/or antioxidants. Then we gently "stamp" the skin with the device, delivering your custom curative cocktail directly to your skin. Our expert aestheticians treat your face evenly and effectively.


Your Results

Your results will appear within a couple of days and will last for weeks. Many of our patients use Aquagold facials as a part of their monthly routine, and some use them for pre-event skin prep. There's no required downtime after your facial, though you should avoid washing your face the day of the treatment and protect your skin from the sun.

Your Results

To see more results check out the full gallery!

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Benefits Of An Aquagold Facial in Charlottesville

Quick, In-Office Treatment

We can usually consult and treat with Aquagold on the same day.

Customizable Based On Your Skin

Your Aquagold serum is uniquely curated based on your skin and concerns.

Perfect Pre-Event Prep

There's no downtime with Aquagold, so it's great for prepping the day before a big event.

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