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Loose lips may sink ships, but thin, uneven lips are just as detrimental to your beauty! At Neroli, we’re ready to help with many concerns, from head to toe. So, settle in for a little lip service about our lip filler near Crozet, VA!

Lip Service You’ll Love

Before every treatment at Neroli, we encourage patients to open up about their concerns to help us identify the right treatments for them. We work closely with everyone who walks through our door to tailor effective plans for every treatment we offer. In your consultation, we’ll dive into 3 key aspects that determine your ideal treatment with lip filler near Crozet.


This is one of the most common reasons we see patients for lip fillers. Size always matters when it comes to feeling confident about your lips, but our specialists ensure the most natural look possible. We’re devoted to leaving duck lips in 2010!


If you’re not in love with the shape of your lips, you’re not alone! Uneven lips are tough to handle on your own, which is why working with an experienced specialist is so important. We focus on creating an even, natural-looking profile with every lip filler treatment in our office near Crozet. 


Our complete consultation also takes your age into account as we discuss any aesthetic concerns. Over time, life can lead to marionette lines, drooping, and an overall loss of volume. To restore and refresh the overall profile of your lips, we recommend the industry’s best lip fillers.


Perfecting Your Pout

After your consultation, we’ll schedule your appointment to shape your perfect pout. On the day of your injections, we’ll check you in and escort you back to our comfortable treatment rooms. There, our specialist will apply topical numbing cream, plot your injections, and begin redefining your lips! These are the top lip fillers near Crozet you can receive at Neroli:


We trust Volbella and Ultra XC to pump up the volume for many types of lips! Juvéderm’s unique hyaluronic acid-based gel formulas include lidocaine to ensure comfortable treatments and lasting results!



For more sensitive lips, we may recommend Revanesse Lips+. This is because Revanesse’s formula was specifically designed with lasting comfort in mind. In a clinical study, over 98% of patients reported little to no swelling after their initial treatment!


To give your lips the extra boost they need, Neroli recommends Revanesse Versa+. This formula includes 20% more product per syringe to treat the deepest concerns. Just a little extra care can take your beauty a long way!

Every treatment in our office for lip fillers near Crozet takes less than an hour and requires absolutely no downtime! The only side effects our patients experience are occasional numbness and a slightly puffy feeling in their lips. These effects typically subside within a few hours, but if you have any concerns after receiving lip fillers from any provider near Crozet, feel free to reach out to our specialists!

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