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Shaping the Future of Beauty

Your body has an amazing story to tell! Through all the highs and lows of life, your body is living proof of how far you’ve come. But if you don’t love the way you look in the mirror, it can be hard to reflect on your accomplishments. That’s why Neroli Medspa and Beauty Lounge is here to shape your future with the best body sculpting near Harrisonburg.

Your Vision

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Love handles, bigger bellies, and double chins are common concerns that can make anyone feel self-conscious. But what can you do about them? Diet and exercise are always a great place to start, but even the best routines can come up short. To give your body the boost you’ve been looking for, Neroli offers comprehensive body sculpting plans!

Our Recommendations

The most complete regimens with body sculpting near Harrisonburg, VA, start with an easy conversation. In your consultation, you’ll talk with our specialists to dive into your unique concerns and conditions. As we get to know each other inside and out, we’ll customize your treatment plan to suit your exact needs! Here are some of our common suggestions that help our patients sculpt their future: 


Instead of melting fat, we opt to freeze it with CoolSculpting. This revolutionary treatment freezes fat cells to naturally reduce fat in various areas throughout the body. To identify fat deposits we can treat, our rule of thumb is simple. If we can squeeze it, we can freeze it!  

Freezing Away Fat

The coolest way to get the hottest looks uses your natural processes to freeze fat in its tracks. CoolSculpting uses a process known as cryolipolysis to chill fat cells to subzero temperatures. This disrupts the cellular makeup of your fat and allows your body to expel these cells through natural metabolic processes like sweating. To learn more about how CoolSculpting works, read our related feature.

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Medical Weight Loss

While CoolSculpting may seem like the solution you’ve been looking for, it does have its limitations. Our top choice for body sculpting near Harrisonburg is only recommended if you’re within 25 pounds of your ideal body weight. If you’re struggling to lose those pesky pounds, we recommend medical weight loss injections and custom-tailor your diet and exercise plan!

VI Peels

When shaping your ideal body, why not treat your skin too? VI Peels are an excellent pairing with our body sculpting near Harrisonburg, VA! That’s because these chemical peels are specially formulated to be used throughout your body. Your hottest summer bod ever is within reach. So, what are you waiting for?


The Future Starts Here

Neroli MedSpa and Beauty Lounge is excited to shape your future! To peek into our crystal ball, use our treatment planning tool to see what could be. If you’re ready to start shaping your future, book your appointment. Whether it’s online or in person, all it takes to start shaping your future is just a few clicks!

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