Finally, a treatment for the #1 Body concern of Women

Cellulite is extremely common, 90% of us have it, and the best way to reduce and often eliminate those unwanted dimples is to get to the source. Cellulite causes a lumpy appearance on the skin that no one wants, and everyone wants to get rid of that dimpled uneven skin! QWO™ is the only noninvasive treatment that takes as little as 10 minutes per visit with virtually no downtime. Cellulite dimple reduction or elimination can be seen in just as little as 10 weeks. After a thorough consultation, Dr. Casas will determine if you are a candidate. Ready to say goodbye to lumpy buttock or thigh skin from cellulite dimples? Call 847-657-6884 to schedule your QWO™ consultation today!

Neroli Med Spa and Beauty Lounge is your body sculpting destination in Charlottesville, VA. Our amazing team looks forward to helping your aesthetic vision become a reality. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and discover if Qwo can address your cellulite concerns!

What Is Qwo?

QWO™ is a prescription medication that is used in an injection to treat mild to moderate lumpy dimpled buttock or thigh skin from cellulite in women. The QWO™ enzymes, once injected by our medical team, breaks down our collagen creating the dimple. Although the exact mechanism is unknown, the enzymes work in following three ways. Fibrous cords that cause the dimpled appearance are released, fat cells are rearranged, and new collagen is formed.

How Many Qwo Treatments Will I Need?

At Neroli Med Spa & Beauty Lounge in Charlottesville, VA, we understand that each of our patients have very unique aesthetic goals in mind for their treatment and we want to help you achieve yours! One of our medical professionals will assess your needs and determine a treatment plan to address your concerns.  Neroli Med Spa & Beauty Lounge is Charlottesville, VA ‘s ONLY Qwo provider offering treatments 7 days a week.

When Can I Expect to See Results?

Patients have been able to see noticeable results as soon as a month after the final Qwo Treatment

Who Is a Good Candidate for Qwo?

Our skin thins as we age, which results in more fat cells accumulating in the space right under the skin of our legs and thighs, creating a dimpled, lumpy appearance. Fat cells are pushed against the thinning skin and the fibrous band between fat cells thicken, which leads to the lumpy, “cottage cheese” appearance we all hate!

Cellulite is a very common condition. In fact, 9/10 women have cellulite. That is the bad news, but the good news is that it is treatable! Although those pesky dimples do not need to be treated and are not harmful, many women are often bothered by them. We are finding that three injection sessions with QWO™ is needed to improve the lumpy skin and cellulite dimples. We do not use QWO™ if you have an active infection in the treatment area and if you have any allergy to the ingredients.