Body Contouring

We will never let you settle for thinking your aesthetic goals are out of reach – because, with Neroli, they’re just a consultation away! 

Whether you want to look better in your jeans, stroll along the beach in a swimsuit without worrying about cellulite this summer, or wear a fitted dress on a whim, Neroli can help you love your body more from head to toe, with no invasive surgeries!

At Neroli Med Spa in downtown Charlottesville VA we offer the finest non-surgical body contouring treatments on the market – CoolSculpting and CoolTone – to help you get rid of unwanted fat and show off the you you’re excited to be! 

Unwanted fat can be a constant source of concern for some, and can of course be linked to an unhealthy diet or an inactive lifestyle, but sometimes, even the healthiest diet and an active lifestyle can’t eliminate stubborn fat reserves in the body. Our treatments address those concerns and help you see the beauty in every part of you! 

Don’t stop at eliminating stubborn body fat, using industry-leading CoolTone treatments, we can also improve muscle tone and reshape your curves, reclaiming a body we know you’ll love to live in.  These incredible procedures represent the best in body contouring technology – start today with a consultation with our incredible body contouring team who are experts in helping you achieve your goals!

Consultations Available

Ready to see these amazing results every day when you look in the mirror?

We can provide Consultation for our Body Contouring services with our amazing team at Neroli Med Spa And Beauty Lounge, in downtown Charlottesville, VA.